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The Art of the Blow Dry with ERGO

The Art of the Blow Dry with ERGO

Did you know that there is an art in blow dry?

Well this past Monday we learned exactly that!

We recently partnered with ERGO to include some of their amazing tools to make your Bastian Salon experience all the more wonderful. ERGO not only provides innovative tools but also partners with salons to help improve the styling experience for both stylist and client.

What makes Ergo brushes unique?

The brushes we’re specifically talking about here are the round brushes (which come in 5 different sizes). First, the brushes are much longer than other brushes around, which makes it easier to style bigger sections of hair. The handle also features a comfortable design that doesn’t require us to use an intenseĀ death grip, which means we’re not cramping up halfway through styling your hair. And in spite of being longer and coming in different sizes, all of the round brushes are incredibly lightweight.

The workshop was not just about how to use the ERGO brushes but also how to:

  • choose the right tool for each of our clients (brushes are like cups of tea, it’s different for each person)
  • make the blow-drying process faster (to make sure you have plenty of time before that big date)
  • give clients a vibrant finish (so you can surely WOW at that company dinner)
  • advise clients on how to use the brushes at home (so you can get that perfect ERGO&Bastian Salon ‘do whenever and wherever you are)

The brushes are also available at our store for purchase. Come experience firsthand what we’ve learned during our Art of the Blow Dry workshop. We’re excited to share these new tools and tricks with you!


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